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Special Camp at Warm Beach

The Warm Beach Christian Camp and Conference Center is beautifully surrounded by tall trees, open spaces, with panoramic views of Puget Sound, and both the Olympic and Cascade Mountain Ranges. It is a wonderful get-a-way approximately one hour north of Seattle.

Activities will include joyful times of singing, Bible-based lessons, crafts, outings, and recreation.

The quality of this conference will be insured by the following factors:
  • Each conferee will have a one-on-one relationship with an adult staff counselor.
  • Pre-camp orientation will allow the individual needs of the conferees to be understood by the staff counselors.
  • The three daily meals will be prepared and served by the Warm Beach Conference staff.
  • Housing is in a mini-lodge with at least (2) staff persons in the conferees' rooms.
  • The Warm Beach Conference facilities are well-staffed and maintained as well as a safe environment for the experience we would like to provide for the conferees.

    Goal of the camp
    To provide an opportunity for the developmentally challenged to experience a fun-filled time of activities in an atmosphere of Christian love.

    Qualifications to Attend Adult Special Camp
    In order to be eligible for this camp, we ask that the individual:
  • be at least (18) years of age
  • be functionally ambulatory
  • be able to do some or all self-care activities (assistance with bathing/dressing/eating will be available, but we are not equipped to do heavy care at this time)
  • be able to follow simple instructions (verbal and/or non-verbal)
  • be willing to abide by all camp rules

    Special Camp for Kids and Youth Ages: K-5th grade

    We are excited to offer an integrated child and youth program, inclusive of children/youth with special needs.

    Our goal is to provide a positive Christ-centered environment for each child/youth to experience:
    The unconditional love of God, to be accepted and encouraged in Christ
    We will provide one on one volunteer staff to child/youth
    We will design and adapt our program to create the most enjoyable experience for each child/youth.

    A break out room is available for a child/youth who may need individual time with assigned one-on one staff.

    Our goal is to provide a conference where the whole family can come and enjoy time together in a Christ-centered community. Parents can enjoy participating in the Adult Camp knowing that their child/youth is being cared for. Additional siblings can participate in the youth camps!

    Note: Parents please contact nurseito@gmail.com

    We request a pre-registration consultation.

    For more information please contact:

  • Adult Special Camp (age 18+) Special_Ministries@juno.com
  • Kids and Youth - nurseito@gmail.com

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